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Turtle Island leather moccasins
Turtle Island Moccasins, Box 2290, Snowflake, AZ 85937
(928) 243-1361

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"Celebrity" Customers

A few of the more famous customers that have purchased Turtle Island products include:
     Bob Vila (from "This Old House")

     Dan Haggerty (from "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams")

     Saul "Slash" Hudson (from 'Guns N' Roses')

     Max Gail ("Wojo" Wojciehowicz from "Barney Miller")

     Graham Greene (from "Dances with Wolves")

     Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman (from "Dances with Wolves")

      and you! (of course!)

Many of our other customers have written to us to tell us how they like our products!
Our Customers say...

"Thank you for the beautiful knee high leather moccasins that you hand crafted and designed for me to match my "Zena" theme outfit. They are an awesome, incredible fit and have a wonderful look with the outfit. I have enjoyed wearing these boots and thank you for the quality and workmanship that you have put into their construction.

Truly, you offer a special gift to the public as a family-heirloom of original creation for custom-fit quality, moccasin craftsmanship. I look forward to ordering from you again soon."

Debra L. Brimhall
Arizona House of Representatives

"When I was 16 years old... . I was smitten by your wares, but... I did not have the cash to swing the boots. My dad, observing the quality... was so impressed by the work that he encouraged me to invest in a pair and fronted me the deposit.

16 years later, these boots are still in my regular rotation. Whenever I wear them, they remind me of the wisdom of my dad all those years ago in recognizing craftsmanship of the highest degree; they remind me of the value of a job well done, a life well-lived.

Thanks for being a part of my life through your excellent work."
Sarah Malach

"I love my boots. My feet love my boots. For the first time since forever, I am not aware of my feet because my feet are not in pain. Life is better, Work is better, my family and love life is better because I am not in constant pain. And not only am I not in pain, they look fantastic!! Totally, absolutely worth the cost. Thank you, thank you!!!"
Jonathan Lancaster

"I received my moccasins a few weeks ago and I just have to say the moccasins are better then I could have dreamed of. Next year, when you are at the Castle of Muskogee, I think you will have some new customers. These are, by far, the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned."
Marcus E.

"I made a wise investment in a pair of Turtle Island Moccasins years ago and my feet have been smiling ever since. The custom bead work turned out more beautiful than I had imagined. I am thrilled and I cannot recommend these talented artisans enough. Thanks!"
Tracey B.
Austin, Texas

10 years old
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"Dude more boots!
I need another pair of winter weight soft house shoed that won't slip. We won't buy anything else!.
I tell you, these have made a huge difference in my walking.

The summer weight boots have the right thickness for me to feel the difference in terrain, which has made my failing sight a lot less frightening. My muscular dystrophy has given me a lot less grief since I started wearing them almost '24/7'. My feet don't swell anymore, my knees don't hurt nearly as much as they did before the boots."
Rev. Mary G.

"My Turtle Island boots are wonderful and exactly what I was looking for... after one day of wear they are comfortable.

I just wanted to let you know how much I love the moccasins you made for me. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Also, I've had people stop me on the street and tell me how nice they are. Thanks so much!
Renae K.

"I've literally searched for years for a pair of shoes or sandals that fit me properly. I found a shoemaker who builds custom-fitted leather boots, moccasins, sandals, etc. They are hand-made, and fit my feet exactly, so they're well worth it.

Richard, the guy who makes the shoes, is a 'second generation' custom shoe, boot and moccasin maker. He really knows what he's doing. They (are) more comfortable than any sandals I'd ever worn before.

I highly recommend them if you want a well-crafted, good fitting pair of anything.

6-1/2 years old
($115 per year!)
Worn every day
in a power plant
Abused by coal dust, acids, oils, etc.
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"I adore my boots! I'm on my feet most of the day and they are the only pair of shoes that help me survive the day. I feel stable & supported all day and that a wrong step won't happen; and no more twisted ankles!

It still feels good coming home at night & taking them off, but me & my feet feel ready to face the next morning when I get up!